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Fascin ELISA Kit

Place of OriginUSA
Catalog Number82001
Size96 well
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    Fascin ELISA Kit [82001]
    [1x96 well]

    Product Description

      Fascin is an ~58 kDa monomeric actin filament bundling protein. It is required to maximally cross-link the actin filaments into straight, compact, and rigid bundles, and contributes to the formation of filopodia that are critical for cell migration. Elevated levels of fascin have been found in metastatic tumors and are correlated with clinically aggressive phenotypes, poor prognosis, and shorter survival.

      NewEast Biosciences fascin ELISA Kit is a simple and fast sandwich enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for in vitro quantitative detection of fascin proteins in cell lysates, blood and urine samples. Each kit provides sufficient quantities to perform 96 assays. It works for fascin proteins for all vertebrates.

    Assay Principle

      With the NewEast Biosciences fascin sandwich ELISA assay system, rabbit polyclonal antibodies generated against fascin proteins, are pre-coated onto a 96-well plate and are used to capture fascin proteins from a sample. Captured fascin is detected using fascin specific mouse monoclonal antibodies and a goat anti-mouse horse radish peroxidase conjugate. After addition of the substrate solution, the amount of fascin is determined. The standard curve demonstrates a direct relationship between Optical Density (OD) and fascin concentration: i.e., the higher the OD the higher the fascin concentration in the sample.